Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bienvenue a Village Grouchy

Welcome to Village Grouchy (that's French, by the way, "Villazh Groo-shee"), my new blog devoted to contemporary "literary" comics (whatever they might be), writing about comics, and whatever else I decide to cover.

I don't plan to cover much in the superhero mode here, because I'm really not that interested, and there's plenty of other compelling stuff going on in the comics world. In addition, I see the blog primarily devoted to "reviews" of comics works, and I'm not really interested in the world of fandom, gossip, or breaking news. Likewise, I probably won't do much with comics that aren't available in hardback or trade paperback format. No excuses, it's just that way it'll probably be.

And while I'll try to cover new stuff, there's a tremendous backlog (or backblog) of great stuff out there, and one of my goals is to create an archive of commentary (from my own idiosyncratic perspective, of course) on those comics I think are worth the time and effort, new or old. And if there's readers out there, maybe an archive of comment and conversation, as well.

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